Favorite libraries in Kicad 6


I think I read somewhere that there is a way to have a “favorite libraries” area in Kicad 6 (or maybe later versions) but I can’t find it. I would really appreciate if I could have a way to group the libraries I use most. I’m aware I can do that with Manage Symbol Libraries (or footprint). But there will always be some cases where I have to search outside of the currently available set, so the best would be to have everything present, but a set of “favorites” on top.

Thanks for any hint.

In the footprint and symbol editors, you can pin libraries by right clicking the library and clicking “Pin”. Pinned libraries stay at the top of the list.

Unfortunately they are only at the top of the list in the symbol/footprint editors, and not in other library dialogs (Add symbol/footprint, symbol/footprint library browser, assign footprints).

Still handy, but hopefully in the future it’s implemented across the board. I think a unification of the various library browser/pickers is planned for v7.


Thanks for your reply.
Ok, I will live with that.

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