FAQ index still has links fo updating from V4 to V5

Should ‘we’ just change the title to V5 to V6 and delist the current links and update them with something more relevant?

Maybe we need two more folders for this forum, Kicad 4 and Kicad 5 ?
Of course, I’m assuming moving threads on this forum is as easy as moving
files in a computer hard drive from one folder to another. That may be a
bad assumption!

I wasn’t going to take down the articles. I was just going to ‘delist’ them in the index. V4 to V5 is no longer a ‘frequently asked question’. There has been lots written and some very thorough so not like the new articles need to be done from scratch. I thought some were already written but I don’t see them in the index so maybe folks didn’t know how to list them or didn’t have the authority at the time. @eelik pinned some posters to level 3 so they should be able to do it.

I was recently looking through the FAQ index, and many of them were written with a v5 target. If storage space on the forum isn’t too much of a concern, maybe just rename the index to a v5 index and as v6 tutorials get created (or the v5 tutorials get updated to v6) add/move them to the v6 index that you’ve already started.

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Turns out I did that in April. I guess I should have pinned it.

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