FAQ cleanup time?

@iabarry pm’s me about some FAQ cleanup. I was looking today and we have a section of upgrading from V4 to V5! A ‘tad’ dated to say the least. I don’t want to necessarily yank the posts but removing them from the index might be a good start.

I thought we might have some discussion, starting with the obvious stuff, and go from there. I’m loath to actually remove posts but some can/should be removed from the index post. Some may have been obsoleted by V6.

Input welcome.


Can we move these into a “legacy FAQ” subcategory? And then if needed, sort into V5, V4 etc. as needed. Is that do-able?


I’ve been attempting to rewrite a number of @Rene_Poschl 's beginners basic FAQs for 6, but life keeps interrupting (the fruits of my labors should be appearing shortly).
I like @BobZ idea, if do-able, when an old FAQ has been superseded by a more modern version.

If not do-able, perhaps modifying the wiki titles with prefixes such as:
Kicad 5 FAQ Blah, blah,
Kicad 4 FAQ Blah, blah
Kicad 6 FAQ … Or whatever a search engine will pick up.

@ChrisGammell might be better able to answer that. We could maybe rename the title thread and unpin it. Start a new pinned thread. I think the current mods have the ability to do that. The topics would just kinda disappear towards the bottom of the list over time but still be searchable.

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