Fan_3pin and Connector:FanPinHeader_1x03

I was planning to use a number of standard 3-pin “PC” fans for a project of mine, but when I select the Fan_3pin component, and the Connector:FanPinHeader_1x03 footprint, it seems to me that the pins are in reverse order of what they should be (if we’re using the pin-out which seems to be used by all regular PC-fans)?

Normally I wouldn’t have assumed that Fan_3pin would equal a standard PC fan, but we also have Fan_PC_Chassis which is an alias to Fan_3pin, which to my mind implies that it’s actually supposed to be compatible with regular “PC” fans.

AFAIK the order should be GND-VDD-TACHO/NC or am I missing something obvious?

Simplified schematic: image

PCB output:

The physical placement of the pins does look consistent. What is different is the order of the numbering

Well, yes, I don’t have any issues with the connector pins being labelled 1-3 left-to-right, but rather the fact that (if I’m not missing anything obvious), a standard “PC chassis fan” would have (left-to-right) Pin1=-, Pin2=+, Pin3=Tacho, and not 1=Tacho, 2=+, 3=- as it currently is in KiCads Fan_3pin/Fan_PC_Chassis symbol.

(I can of course work around this issue by simply assigning the Tacho net to - and GND to Tacho, but to be honest, that looks quite 'orrible.)

The footprint Pin 1 is in the correct place
The convention is
2 12V
3 Tacho
4 Ctrl (if used)


As I mentioned above; I have no problems with the footprint pin ordering.

The issue stems from the Fan_3pin component, which claims that Pin 1 is Tacho, Pin 2 is + and Pin 3 -.

If you select the Connector:FanPinHeader_1x03 footprint for the Fan_3pin component, and route the connections according to the pin-out in eeschema, you will end up with Tacho on the footprint Pin 1.

update the symbol and file a pull request to resolve the issue

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