Failure when adding library

HI, can someone please give me some instruction on how to add the symbol library and footprint?
basically i am trying to add symbol files for xilinx artix 7 fpga, which seems to be already included in the offical library release for kicad 4.0.x version here:

so i just downloadedthe xilinx-artix7.lib and .dcm pairs, and added the library file from the “Preference -> Component library” menu… however when i open the schematic editor, there is an error popped up saying the library is failed to be loaded… as showed in the screenshot attached… any idea why it would fail? should i download the whole repo and replace everything under library directory instead? thanks!

It sounds like the download has created an invalid file. How exactly did you download it? A reliable way to get files from github is to download a zip of the repo, unzip it locally then add the file in the Component Libraries dialog.

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I right clicked on the lib file i need and select “save as”… I will try download the repo zip instead. thanks!

in GH if you click on a file you get the HTML page containing the file …

You need to go there and Save the Raw link
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That’s it! thanks for the tips, my stupidity!
btw, should i update the whole library, it seems the one comes with 4.0.7 is out of date…

There is no newer version 4 compatible lib. The newer libs use features that will be introduced with version 5.

Maybe at a later date there will be a backport of the lib. But so far the lib is not stable enough for that.

Thanks. Is there footprint and model files available for xilinx artix 7 as well?

Well what package is this beast coming in?

xc7a200t fbg484 package

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