Failed on autorouting?

Dear Kicad Member,

I got failed on autorouting, how can I fix it or optimize it ?
I have used 8 layers and 0.2 track width, could it be my clearance ?
I show you the capture,


It appears your attempting to do BGA escape routing on only 2 layers, this likely is not possible, and it needs additional layers to work in. the autorouter likely has a setting to define the number of layers.

Just about no one on the list uses auto routing so you may find help pretty thin here. We really can’t help much on a feature we don’t use for a variety of reasons.

That’s ok, thanks for concerning, I will try to find out myself.

Previously I can reply directly via email, now I can not, from the transcript I got from smtp, looks like it doesn’t allow me
How can I fix it?

You’re using fairly wide traces and wide clearances between them on a device with tightly spaced pins. That may make routing impossible. For test purposes, try narrower traces and tighter spacing, and see if a routing is possible.

(The FreeRoute autorouter isn’t that bad. It will show you where the tight spots are, and then you have to open things up a bit in the tight areas.)