Fabrication Property

I’m working with some Wafer Level Packages (WLP):

And there are specs for clearances between the mask and pad, etc. When checking over an existing footprint I noticed this “fabrication property”:

I’m not able to find any documentation on what each of these mean. Do these affect gerbers only? I’m not seeing any direct changes in the footprint view. I’m looking for some documentation about what exactly happens from setting these to one value or another.

Can I use these properties to match the requirements for WLP outlined in the link below, or is this something I have to do manually with the “Clearance Overrides and Settings” on a per-pad basis?

Mostly, but I believe DRC uses some of them to disable certain checks, like for example pads with fabrication property “castellated” will be allowed on the board edge and not create clearance errors with it. If you write custom DRC rules or scripts/plug-ins, you can probably access these fabrication properties there.

I have no experience with WLP.

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