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hey there,
I’m working on pynq z2 fpga and they have their schematic online in pdf format …so it will be great if I could extract the schematic to kicad format and use the awesome highlighting options available in kicad this will save me a lot of searching …Is there a possible way out?


for your reference

I had a peek at:

and at the schematic from:

The schematic has searchable text, which is quite decent.
I am not aware of an automated translation from .pdf to a KiCad schematic, although that would be quite a neat trick to have.
A .pdf file is just graphics, and it is a quite lousy format in a lot of ways. It is an ancient format and even the concept of “sentences” does not even exist in a .pdf file. You notice this when trying to select text from a pdf datasheet which is for example formatted over multiple columns.

On the other hand, Many PCB programs can export the schematic to .pdf, and some way to have schematic symbols, labels and wire connections extracted should be possible…

But I recommend to have a look at forums of your development board, maybe somebody already put the schematic in KiCad format, or even better, buy another board for which the complete schematics & PCB layout is already in KiCad format, such as the Olimex A64. Olimex does not do ZynQ though.

But overall…
I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth. It’s a 15 sheet schematic, and most of the info on it can be ignored or only skimped over briefly (All those DDR wire… Why care?)
Being able to search through the pdf, find IC’s and text labels probably gets you 80% of what you want for 10% of the effort needed to convert the schematic to .pdf.

Maybe you can do something with “boardview” It is a project that is primarily used by repair technicians and to correlate schematics with placements of components on a PCB. Lois Rossmann uses it a lot for repairing stuff from one of those fruit brand computers.

Yeah just was curious if something like that exists
I’m actually new to zynq and I’m really confused over io …it would be really neat if that existed thank you

Does uConfig help? This is aimed at extracting components from datasheets and might work here.

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