Extract automatic images for pull request?

Is there a way to extract schematic, layout and 3d view from command line?
I use GIT, and I would like to automatically extract those images, to make reviewing pull requests much easier.

I had pictures like this in mind:

Thank you!!

At the moment KiCad does not have a good command line interface yet.
Maybe you can do something with feeding it keystrokes from some script.

Thank you very much!
Do you know if there is a way to print via cmdline? … I could print to PDF or an image printer


You might find these projects useful.

KiBot can be triggered to process outputs following commits and works in a CI workflow

Kiri is a combination of two older projects which allows comparisons between the schematics and layouts of arbitrary commits

You could also probably script this to produce some nice composites for documentation.


Thanks a lot!! I will take a look at those projects

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