Extra pin causes “Warning: Pad missing net given by schematic”

I have a part with four electrical connections and a package with five connections. One pad is supposed to be unconnected. I created a footprint with five connections and a symbol with five connections and set the unconnected pin electrical type in the symbol to “Unconnected”.

However, when running a DRC check the PCBEditor complains “Warning: Pad missing net given by schematic”. Why does the DRC complain about a missing net on an ”Electrical Type: unconnected” pad?

Version: 6.0.4+dfsg-1~bpo11+1, release build

Your workflow/approach sounds good, I can’t see a clear mistake. Can you upload a (possible stripped-down) the archived zip-file of the project?

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That’s reassuring that it’s supposed to work. If I place only that component in a single file it works without the DRC warning, which is strange. I’m investigating.

I recreated the board and the issue does not appear any longer. Same footprint, same symbol. Weird.

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