Extra graphic layers, assigned to front resp. back visibility in 3D-viewer

(v8.0.2) Related to 3d-views, it would be helpful if at least an auxiliary graphic layer pair would exist for only front and back side, such, that the visibility in 3d view is correspondingly. Of course, I cannot use silk for this and also not the fab layers. Using the courtyard layers would work, since it does not interfere with DRC. But I could not switch visibility of graphic user objects separated from courtyard.

The 3D viewer supports User.Eco1 & 2 in the layer selection sidebar. Since one can rename layers, it would be quite simple if a prepending F. resp. B. in the layer’s name automatically results in proper front- resp. backside rendering of the two Eco layers (other graphic layers cannot be selected to view in 3D). Hence F.Eco resp. B.Eco, which names should also appear in the viewer’s layer selection sidebar.