External tools page seems to be abandoned

This page seems to be abandoned and it would be nice to find reference to other tools here as well.

I am wondering if someone could update it. This page could have a link to a thread in the forum or to the GitLab README.md with an updated list where people could share and find related tools.


External tools are hard to keep up with. The original thought on having a plug in section here was that we have some developers who are solid members that we can depend on to keep their work current AND bring it forward to the next version. V5 broke lots of V4 plugins and most plugins donā€™t seem to have a version number tested against with download links. We have probably added too many plugins here because people asked.


Well, there will be a replacement of sorts for this in the futureā€¦otherwise Iā€™m more inclined to delete the page. Linking to the github or forum thread is just as crude of an experience.

Coming soon ā„¢



@marekr kicad StepUp is not a Kicad plugin but it is an external tool for mechanical collaborationā€¦
It is still fully functional even with kv5.99 format (both for pcb and footprints)
and it seems it is still used by many kicadā€™s users
@qu1ck do external tools like i.e. Kicad StepUp will be mentioned in the ā€˜Plugin and Content Managerā€™?

No, itā€™s for things directly usable in kicad: plugins, libraries, in the future more things like templates, color schemes etc.

There is a list of some 60+ tools & scripts & KiCad related projects on:

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@hermit makes sense what you have said. What about having a link to a README.md like this (https://github.com/xesscorp/kicad-3rd-party-tools) as an entry there? This could be hosted in the same gitlab that Kicad uses and developers could make PRs to include links to their tools there. This readme could also have a small set of instructions to orient developers how to versionate their tools and also to indicate Kicadā€™s version each tool requeires.

Kicad isnā€™t suffering from over staffing. If you have strong opinions about this and have the ability and timeā€¦ :wink:

I see. Thanks :wink:

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