Extend fillet track to edge.cuts

Just as in title. I know about filleting tracks. It would be real handy to fillet board edges too.

You can use the graphical lines and arcs on the edge.cuts layer to achieve rounded corners.

Well, of course i know that. It was like that for years for tracks too, but quite recently in 5.99/6.0 that ability was added to tracks. I simply believe that not adding that function to edge.cuts and any other layer for that matter is an oversight, since inserting arcs is awkward at best.


Yeah, it would be nice to be able to do that. Yes, you could use arcs and diagonal lines to achieve that, but having it built in would reduce the number of clicks involved by up to 2x, and eliminate up to 4x moves (draw shape, set arc length if arc, drag one corner to edge of shape, drag other corner to other edge of shape) These operations add up in number and complexity on any board shape other than a rectangle.

Way less prone to run into unclosed shape if you have a fillet/chamfer built in to that layer.

Edit to add: Another way you could approach this now, is either use an external CAD to make the outline and follow the well-documented approaches to that, or draw your outline with copper tracks, make the fillets, and then convert that series of tracks to a polygon using the built in option for that under the context menu. Then you can change the layer of this polygon to “edge.cuts”.