Exposed Copper Area


How can I create an exposed area of copper with an arbitrary design?



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Do you mean truly exposed, bare, copper?

I’d probably define a copper-fill zone, then create an identical outline on the soldermask layer.


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If I understood correctly, you can use F.Mask or B.Mask layer to draw zone or any available graphics item to unmask some portion of your PCB. However, such exclusions will be plated just like pads or uncovered vias.
If you need non-plated areas - only copper - you should contact your PCB manufacturer how to prepare your output files for peel-of mask.

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So I should cover all my pcb with F.Mask and B.Mask since i want exposed, bare area on front and back layers?

Let’s try otherwise. What effect on the PCB you want to achieve?


Hi Guys, I am joining this discussion after 4 years. I would like to design a PCB badge in KiCAD. I am also after the same technique how to expose the copper in certain areas.
I understand that first I would create a copper filled zone on the F.Cu layer to make sure there is copper under the design. Next I would like to add a design by importing it from external DXF file. I know how to do that and I also know that I need to import it to the F.Mask layer. My DXF file has the outline of the area and also that area is filled with hatch.
The hatch is not imported, so only the outline appears, but I cannot figure out how to fill that area?

So back to the original idea, my design will use 3 colours, the white silk screen the red solder mask and the gold exposed copper colour.

Similarly, I am not sure how to create a filled area on the solder mask from and DXF design (not simple rectangles and circles).