Exporting everything in one go

When exporting the production files from kicad it usually involves a multitude of steps. For me this includes the following:

  1. Plot the gerners
  2. Click the button for drill file
  3. Export the bom from schematic
  4. Export the position file
  5. Export the step model for the board
  6. Export the 3D pictures for front and back (for pinout diagrams)

Wouldn’t it be better to just have a single menu item to export everything and then have the settings setup under board properties so that the user only configures everything once and after that it’s just a matter of clicking a single menu item?

Yes, it would be better, and the developers are aware about that, but as with all feature wishes, it’s a question of manpower.

Give a thumb up here: https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/2475.

I agree that this would be very useful - I think another user brought up something similar recently too in regard to how Altium compares with KiCad and I mentioned the following tool. This is installed as a Docker container. This functionality would be ideally wrapped up as a configurable plugin.

I have also previously used this Makefile based utility.

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