Export Test points

I need to export al coordinates for my test points so that i can have them to for test fixture design. How do I do that in kicad?

If you used footprints for the test point, you’ll need to do:

“File->Fabrication output->footprint position” in PCBNew

You have to make sure that your footprints are not defined as “virtual”, you can just changed to generate the position file and the change it back.

Otherwise they will be ignored.

### Module positions - created on 06/11/2019 09:00:04 ###
### Printed by Pcbnew version kicad (5.1.4)-1
## Unit = mm, Angle = deg.
## Side : bottom
# Ref     Val                      Package                       PosX       PosY       Rot  Side
REF**     TestPoint_Pad_1.0x1.0mm  TestPoint_Pad_1.0x1.0mm   -95.0000   -82.0000   -0.0000  bottom
## End

I hope this helps.


Thank you a lot. The last part is exactly what I need. I did not get the TPs when I did the export. Now I get them fine thanks to not virtual. Just created a new lib and saved the footprint for the test point to that since I could not change the default lib. Now it works great.

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