Export test point list with net names

Can any come up with a clever way to export a test point list with net name connections and coordinates? My EMS requires such a file to develop the adapter boards for production testing. I know I can have the testpoints in the pick&place files.

Also interested in an easier more integrated way to plot only test points with ref and board outline. I know it can be included in the gerber plots and board prints, but if I create a new layer called User.Testpoints (renaming User.1) it is not reflected across software modules so for instance in Footprint Editor I can only add test point ref to User.1 because it’s not updated there…

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I just discovered that if I rename User.x layers in PCB Editor, it seems to be reflected across software modules even though the new layer names does not show everywhere.

Like here, in my test point footprint, I added the pad and reference text to layer User.Eco1. In PCB Editor, I have renamed User.Eco1 to User.Testpoints and it still shows as expected.
Footprint editor:

PCB Editor:

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That’s The functionality what I want also.

I need to have 1 test point for each net for ICT, currently I need to check netlist line by line to confirm that each net has a test point, it’s great if we can have a table for net and testpoint.

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