Export PCB and component models to blender

i want to export my PCB and component models to blender as they appear in the 3d viewer (also preferably colours)

Export as VRML/wrl. Blender can handle that.

A quick google search “kicad to blender” gives results. I’m not doing the hard work for you.

Indeed. This has been done before. There are complete tutorials out there in the wild.

Literally none of those work…
Also, if you’re unwilling to help, then just don’t respond. It’s that simple.

Remarks like that are not going to help you.
They can be turned around just just as easily:

If you want help, then first show us you’ve put some effort into it yourself.
If you post this:

Then there is not much left for any response. Do you think anyone is going to attempt to compile a list with available tututorials after such an answer?

Close to the best answer here is to read Eric Steven Raymond’s essay about:


To be honest, I kind of gave up after the first response. And no, I did not expect to see any useful answers after saying that.