Export Netlist in specific format

Hi there

I would like to know if there is any way to create a netlist in Tango or Protel2 compatible formats.

Please advice


Look in EESchema under “Tools” > "Generate Netlist File . . . " for the list of supported file formats.

At this time, KiCAD does not generate a netlist in either of the file formats you mentioned. I am not a developer, but I believe it is unlikely that KiCAD will ever create netlists compatible with those programs because they use proprietary file formats. If you need to lay out a circuit board using one of those programs, you should ask the publishers of Tango and Protel2 if they can import a KiCAD netlist. The KiCAD file formats are openly documented and freely available, so translating from a KiCAD file is MUCH easier to do than translating to a closed, proprietary format.



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