Export Kicad to P-CAD


I found that Kicad can import P-Cad 200x ASCII PCB files (*.pcb). However, I need to export my layout done in Kicad to the P-Cad 200x ASCII PCB format. The test house works with this format. Is there a way to export the Kicad layout to P-Cad 200x ASCII PCB format?


I just went and looked up PCad… it seems that last version was released in 2006… so the obvious questions is why a test house would exclusively use a 14 year old product?

Surely they must support newer data formats?

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EDIT1: Either the test house should find a way to import KiCAD files or use an intermediate industry de facto standard Gerber, Netlist, Specctra.

EDIT2: apparently altium can do that

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