Export .kicad_sch files to pdf (KiCad v6) not working!

I am currently working with Kicad version 6.0.5. Now I wanted to export my kicad_sch file to pdf. I used eeschema_do file for this:
my command is:
eeschema_do export “xyz.kicad_sch” ''

ERROR:Eeschema created an error dialog, expect a fail (eeschema_do - eeschema_do:66)
ERROR:Eeschema failed to start or reported a fatal error (eeschema_do - eeschema_do:638)

I think there is some problem with eeschema_do file for working with current kicad version. Does anybody have solution for this?

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Welcome. Where does that command come from? Is it this independent project? https://github.com/INTI-CMNB/kicad_auto Maybe you need a newer release that supports KiCad v6?

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Is apparently part of:

which uses:

and that is apparently a tool to feed key presses into some other program.

KiAuto is one of the many (there are probably 100+ of them) side projects around KiCad.

First thing to try is if you can generate a .pdf from eeschema itself.
Second thing to try is if the tool does anything at all. Do other functions of KiAuto work?

The tool looks like it’s a fairly simple python script, and it’s usually relatively small bugs that prevent things from working. Maybe it can’t find the KiCad executables, or it feeds in some wrong keystrokes.

The tool has been receiving updates recently, so there is a good chance that if you post a message to that project directly you will get more direct help.

Hello @retiredfeline

Yes it is from that project. However, in there github repo they have mentioned that it supports kicad v6.

Hello @paulvdh
Thank you for your response. That is actually a good suggestion. I will post a message directly to the project.