Export KiCad design as footprints to SnapEDA

Looking for pointers on how to - or what I need to develop to - export footprints of my KiCad designs to SnapEDA. I reached out to SnapEDA and learned that they import Eagle LBR format and then generate all other formats from that. https://support.snapeda.com/en/articles/2970058-how-to-upload-symbol-and-footprint.
Either I upload to SnapEDA in Eagle format, or I have to generate and upload footprints in each CAD packages format myself. I am happy to put in some development in this, but a s usual I am afraid of reinventing the wheel. I have found packages such as pyeagle that seems to write lbr, and I guess I can dive into the KiCad APIs. But it would be useful to know if I am breaking entirely new ground.
Background: I have designed a few single side smt mountable PCB modules in KiCad, small PCBs that are intended to be useful as building blocks in small batches of bespoke solutions, that will sell through a few electronics retailers. I think these modules will be more attractive for other designers if I can provide footprints and 3D-models for many different EDA/CAD packages.
I am impressed with how easy it has become to get footprints and 3D-models for KiCad and many other EDA packages at Digikey through their collaboration with SnapEDA. I like to have a method to go as smoothly as possible from KiCAD design to SnapEDA footprints and 3D-models.
I also really enjoyed Chris interview in TheAmpHour#531 with SnapEDA founder Natasha Baker.

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