Export Board Outline to another project

I want to Export the Board Outline (Edge.Cuts) to another project.
Picture with Boardoutline:

Is there any possibility instead of redrawing it?

Create a project with just the outline and save the pcb file.
Then start your other project from standalone mode and append the board that has the outline.

Or convert your outline to a template project (see kicad docu) and use “create new from project” to start any project that requires this outline.

Or design such an outline in a footprint and include the footprint whenever you need that outline

Or design the outline in freecad and push it to every board that requires it by use of the stepup extension


Or create a project with just the outline and save it.
Start new project by copying and renaming that project to new directory.

In 4.0.7 when I had to add opening as a part of footprint it was impossible as I could’t add anything at Edge.Cuts layer. Something had changed?

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It was always possible by use of a text editor :wink:

What changed is that you can now open a footprint with an edge cuts drawing in it without KiCad automatically moving it to some other layer.

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Option 1 (video)
Hide all layers except for Edge-Cuts layer
Window select the shape
Paste into new pcb on edge cuts layer.

Option 2
In your system’s explorer/finder, copy the pcb file in the existing project
Paste the board into other project
Edit the board (delete what you don’t want)



Reading this I supposed that may be it is possible to change (in footprint editor) the layer of line to Edge.Cuts but it is not possible :frowning:

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Hi, thanks a lot. I found another way. Plot Edge.Cuts as .dxf and import it in the new project.
Only disadvantage is that now all footprints are locked ( I don’t know why). Is there a possibility of unlocking all footprints in a pcb?

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