Explain keywords in text - Drawing Sheet Editor

I find the following text when pressing help-button during text editing in Drawing Sheet Editor:

Texts can include keywords.
Keyword notation is ${keyword}
Each keyword is replaced by its value

My question is:
I want to add two new fields: Designer and Reviewer. I might use the keywords ${DESIGNER} and ${REVIEWER}. But where do I input the actual values (in my case, the names) so that they show up in the custom created block? Since they are not available for input in “Page settings…” in sch. or layout editor.

You can enter variables in Schematic Setup.

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Thanks. I tried but it didn’t work out for me. Please see attached images for reference. The issue is that {DESIGNER} and {REVIEWER} shows as DESIGNER and REVIEWER respectively, regardless if I add them in the list of Text variables.

Hi HSPalm.

AFAIK, you cannot include text variables directly in the Drawing Sheet Editor. There is a workaround: Use “Page Settings”

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You are absolutely right: variables do not work in *.wks files…
That’s a shame, I’ll file a feature request in the bug tracker.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Page settings would fetch the keywords from the Sheet file and insert them as text fields, as illustrated?

That’s what string/text substitution would do and what the feature request is asking for.

I don’t think you noticed the two added text fields in the bottom of my snippet? I read your feature request and found nothing like it.

With text variable substitution, Name1 and Name2 would be replacing DESIGNER and REVIEWER.
That’s exactly what the request is about.

My latest snippet, not the first ones.

EDIT: This one Explain keywords in text - Drawing Sheet Editor - #7 by HSPalm

If the current request does not meet your needs, you are always free to file your own request.

Never meant to criticize your feature request. I posted about a feature I would want, and you said your feature request was exactly the same, but it wasn’t. I was only trying to clear the confusion.

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