Expandable tool bar items don't expand for me

In the PCB Editor, the tool bar items that are supposed to expand don’t expand for me. I’ve hovered over them and paused, I’ve right and middle clicked. I just can’t get them to change from their default. Am I doing something wrong? I searched for an issue, but didn’t see anything (or I don’t know the correct terms to search for).

Application: KiCad PCB Editor (64-bit)

Version: (6.0.6), release build

wxWidgets 3.1.6
libcurl/7.82.0-DEV Schannel zlib/1.2.12

Platform: Windows 10 (build 19044), 64-bit edition, 64 bit, Little endian, wxMSW

Build Info:
Date: Jun 26 2022 02:39:06
wxWidgets: 3.1.6 (wchar_t,wx containers)
Boost: 1.79.0
OCC: 7.6.0
Curl: 7.82.0-DEV
ngspice: 37
Compiler: Visual C++ 1929 without C++ ABI

Build settings:

Long press, or drag with the left button.

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Thanks. Could be made a little more intuitive, but once you know, you know.

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