Exclude "non-mount" component from 3D model

I’m looking for a way to flag a component as “non-mount” in order to avoid to show it in the STEP export.
The only workaround I found is to edit the footprint for the current project only and remove the 3D model…

Is there a more elegant way? I see the flags for exclude from BOM or positioning file, but I don’t see the same for the 3D model…

In eeschema, in a symbols properties you can exclude it from the board.

Nope. That flag removes the footprint completely. It’s useful only for “components” that should appear in the schematic only. Instead, I want the component in the PCB, but not in the 3D model only. Like a “do-not-populate” component.

Aha. One method I can think of is to disable the 3D model display in the footprint by un-checking the 3d file in the footprint properties’ 3d tab.
[EDIT] You might want to make sure your editing is only local, not in the library.

That is exactly the workaround I described in my question.

Not exactly. My suggestion only modifies the very part on the board, not all similar footprints in the project as you wrote, and it disables the 3d model display, it does not remove it.
But anyways…

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