Every footprint has symbol?

Hello, in the kicad library is included a few amass connectors. in EEschema, I can’t seem to find the symbol associated. I’m confused why there isn’t a symbol associated to the footprint?

The symbol is rather generic, such as 01x10 (1 row x 10pins), that can be mapped to any of several different physical manifestations.

There are a few symbols that address even/odd issues related to the footprint.

Looking at several of your posts, you may want to study some of the youtube videos of kicad projects.

While you may have some prefered parts, you need to begin with a schematic. Then you can assign specific footprint to each symbol. It does work the other way! You can’t select a footprint them go looking for a symbol.

I’m not sure if there are footprints for Amass conn like the Xt30. You may have to make your own.

Hi Barry thanks alot for you answers! Much appreciated!

There seems to be xt30 footprints included in the kicad official librairies here https://kicad.github.io/footprints/Connector_AMASS
I found it odd there aren’t corresponding symbols, thanks anyways bye

Use symbol: conn_01x02
For any 2 pin connector

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