Evaluation KiCAD for Electrical Cabinet schematics drawing


I am checking if KiCAD can be used for the schematics drawing of electrical cabinet, is there any libraries dedicated to electrical AC/DC power distribution? (typically circuit breaker, contactors, intermediate relays, thermal relays, push button switches, indicator lights, cam switches, limit switches, filters, transformer, power supplies…)

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Not much.
This is almost a FAQ for which I reply look at QElectroTech, which is designed for this task.

Thanks, I will have a look at QElectroTech. I am a bit familiar with KiCAD and for small project I do not want invest into another software. In addition the python scripting is owesome in KiCAD

In KiCad’s demo projects (part of a full KiCad installation) there is an “electric” project. which has some symbols and a diagram of things that definitely will not fit on a PCB.

I have also seen a schematic symbol library for hydraulic parts, such as pumps, one way valves, cylinders etc.

I am in pretty much the same boat. I mostly use KiCad for electronics and PCB design, but once every few years or so I may design a wiring cabinet for a CNC machine, with power supplies, stepper motor drivers and things that fit on DIN rails, and I find KiCad is usable for that. You will have to design most of the schematic symbols yourself, (or find some other library) but designing schematic symbols in KiCad is quite easy. Dedicated programs for this sort of stuff will have more purpose fit functions, but when you only occasionally do such things, then I would say just stick with KiCad.

Hi Paul,

Even if as you said it is very easy to build your own lib, I am a bit surprise I do not find any “personal” lib on github or whatever. May you share your own lib?

As I wrote before, I do not do this much. I had a look at a 4 year old project, and I (ab)used most parts from existing libraries. KiCad’s libraries do have wall sockets, motors, fans, transformers and such.

Recently I have been updating my personal libraries, and I have a 00aa_module library, which mostly has modules from Ali, but also a few more generic modules. I added the flow meter and the stepper motor driver that I used in my old CNC project.

2023-09-18_00aa_module.kicad_sym.zip (5.1 KB)

Someone in this forum once shared their electrical symbol library, but I can’t find the post at the moment.

If you go to:

And then select the KiCad “topic” and type in:

description:electrical library

you find 3 libraries:

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