ETA of V7 Release candidates

Is there an ETA for the V7 release candidates before the final release at the end of January? Thanks.

During the stream they said something like the testing builds would be released during the first half of January or something like that. I don’t know the exact timestamp of when they said that, so take it with a grain of salt.

“V7.0.0 is slated for the end of January, but may slip as the string freeze fell back a week” I got this a month ago

Probably the first RC will be in mid-January. It’s more about feeling like we’ve solved enough of the open issues than hitting a specific date.

Non coders can look at the higher priority issues on Gitlab and attempt to reproduce them or find reliable test cases that cause them. Way too many are unconfirmed and might be due to other causes like bad hardware

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There are 125 open issues with Milestone=“7.0”. Is there a set of labels that would help identify which issues testers should look at?

Anything medium, high or critical.
Reproducible KiCad bugs caused by KiCad code (not wx etc) get fixed quickly