ETA for next version

Not to rush development, but I have been eagerly waiting for 6.0.5 to be released for some time.
The Milestone page says Due date is Apr 15, 2022 (Past due)
Did development hit a roadblock?

Also it would be really nice if there were some common place to find these news about upcoming versions. And if no other place exist, we can make use of this thread.

kicad-developers for the plans (this time, see especially [Kicad-developers] 6.0.5 stable release).

Blog | KiCad EDA announces versions when they have been released.

We do not use the GitLab “milestone due dates” as anything other than a rough estimate. We do not schedule bugfix releases very far into the future.

There was a single bugfix pushed into “Testing” today
After the 6.0.3 mess, letting people try this and wait and see is a wise move

Nice to see that this commit links back to my own issue report (#11194) :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work! :+1:

Have you tested it?
Confirming that fixes work with no unexpected side effects is important

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