Establishing Connectivity between imported Eagle schematic and PCB

I’ve imported a separate Eagle schematic and PCB file into KiCad V7.01. Is there a recommended way to establish connectivity between the Eagle Schematic and PCB file. I would like to use these imported files as guidance for my own spin on a design. It would also enable me to check on the integrity of the connections between the schematic and the PCB. Thanks.

PS This is the design PIC32-T795 - Open Source Hardware Board

The normal way kicad connects schematic and pcb is uuid (unique id numbers) and this should be the normal workflow when you add stuff to the schematic, then go to the pcb, and then do a Tools/Update-PCB-From-Schematic.

However, there are times where you want to do an update using reference designators instead of uuid. I have pasted some schematic snips into a schematic, then pasted the associated pcb snips into the pcb, edited the ref-des on both to ensure they are unique and match, and then do a Tools/Update-PCB-From-Schematic BUT select the checkbox “Re-link…based-on-ref-des.”

Perhaps this will provide the linkage you need with your eagle imported stuff. After your schematic/pcb are happily synced up, uncheck that box for normal uuid updates.

Make lots of backups as you go. I like to simply copy/paste the project folder before I do drastic tweaks. It has saved me on more than one occasion when I have hopelessly screwed something up. Also, the backup zip files kicad automatically generates have saved me more than once when I just want to go back in time a bit.

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