Esp8266 pcb design in arduino uno style


I am updating a previous project that made use of an Arduino UNO and WiFi shield. Now, I wish to use the ESP8266 module rather than those shields.

Since I worked on NodeMCU and other projects, the programming portion is finished. However, the issue is that the old module has a lot of shields hooked into that WiFi shield.

Thus, my current goal is to construct an ESP8266 shield that should resemble the Arduino UNO PCB design. So that I could just mount the remainder of the shields on the ESP8266 shield and replace the Arduino UNO+WiFI with it.

I am searching for the exact same design on this link: ESP8266 Arduino UNO - Share Project - PCBWay .

There is a template for UNO shields in the supplied templates with KiCad.
Start a new project from ‘new project with template’ in the file menu and it is in there.