ESP32 DevKit symbol?


i made a wirewrap prototype of a little controller, wiring an ESP32Devkit to a lot of screw connectors, but since it becomes quite a few, so are the wiring problems getting more and more serious, so i wanted to make a simple PCB to do this…
haven’t done this in 40 years though… lots of stuff changed…
those microcontrollers make electronics way more simple than it was!

Kicad comes with my distribution, so i wanted to give it a try…
unfortnuately kicad doesn’t seem to know the components i use…

central piece is a ESP32 DevKitV1 that one is pretty popular, so maybe i am searching the wrong way?
then i use a noname chinese bidirectional logic level converter (diymore 3.3 - 5V) if ever there is somewhere a ready symbol to use?

the terminal blocs i found them…
and that’s all there is on my board…

thanks in advance!

Thanks for coming to this Forum, Bruno.

I searched for about 90 seconds, and I concluded that your ESP32 DevKitV1 is an assembled module, incorporating a microcontroller, essential support circuitry, and glue logic. When you post a question on this Forum asking about a component or other hardware, it is always helpful if you attach a Data Sheet, or at least a link to a datasheet. I know that new members have restrictions on what they can include with their posts. Take a few minutes to get acquainted with the way the Forum is organized around main topics, read some threads, “Like” a few posts, and the Forum software will automagically upgrade your privileges. Some ingenious folks make a series of posts, with one attachment per post.

Unless an angel materializes in the next few hours, you will almost certainly have to create your own symbol. That is NOT a fate worse than death! In fact, if you do more than 2 or 3 boards with KiCAD over the next year, learning to make your own symbols (and footprints) should have a high priority on your list of things to learn. Even for us Superannuated Guys who must weigh the time required to do something, against our own diminishing mortality, learning to make symbols and footprints is worth the effort.

It is almost always easier to create a symbol (or footprint) from an existing example rather than building it from scratch. (Many of us GHOM’s don’t have much “Scratch” sitting around.) I’m guessing that your ESP32 DevKit is conceptually similar to Arduino or Beagle modules, so their symbols may be good starting points. Of course . . . . the standard KiCAD libraries may not include Arduino or Beagle symbols, either.

Check out the “Template” directory in your KiCAD installation. Use your computer’s File Mangler to navigate to "\KiCad\share\kicad\template ". You should find several examples of projects for popular open-source hardware designs. Some of the projects - not all of them - include libraries of schematic symbols that might be useful as a basis for your custom symbol. Or, try searching this Forum for symbols (ESP32, Arduino. Beagle, etc) that may serve as a starting point for your symbol. Of course, you may stumble across a KiCAD symbol somewhere else on the 'net. Beware that symbols you find on web sites, or even this Forum, have NO guarantee regarding their accuracy or quality so check your work carefully. And, when you have completed your custom symbol, be sure to save it in a directory of your own libraries - NOT the KiCAD system libraries.

And check back here if you need help. “Initiative” is a highly-regarded attribute around here, so showing what you have done will get more (and better) responses than begging, pleading or groveling.


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Well lets give a pointer on how this can be done: Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x)

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