Eschema text in pop ups

I tend to place quite a lot of notes and remarks in a schema while working on the schematic or when it is done for future reference to explain why something is done the way it is in the schematic. Text takes up a lot of space on s sheet. Of-course you can use a very small font or keep such information in a word or excel sheet in the project folder

Though, I wonder if it is somehow possible to create text as a header and then when clicked to show the text behind it. Like what comments do in spreadsheets. That is, you click or hover over it and the text pops up. This will save space on the sheet and make things cleaner and organized. You can place a text near a specific net to add details about it.

No, this feature is not programmed yet.
Maybe a intermediate solution could be to use the text-hyperlinks (new in v7): place a short text with hyperlink near a symbol and than the long text on a external file or on a extra sheet.

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