Eschema component fields



I was moving a project from the old stable 2013 version to new V 4.06, but after associating the .cmp file with the schematic using the BACK button, I am stuck with visible component fields.

After updating the components with CvPcb, the original .cmp file overwrites the new .cmp associations if the BACK button is used, so eventually I renamed the .cmp file and re-associated the fields with CvPcb.

Now I have perfect association of components, PCB and BOM, but visible component footprint fields on the schematic that make it difficult to read.

The BACK button on the menu no longer offers the option to “Hide footprint fields” as there is no .cmp file produced by the new version of CvPcb and I have disabled the original as it wipes the new associations, so the button does nothing.

I can change the field colour to white, but that leaves the remains of the field over some components as dotted lines.

Is there any global way to hide the footprint fields, or do I have to edit every one and set to “invisible”?


Excuse my stupidity on this.

Like so may other things (BOM for example) it can be done from PCBNew.

The old version imported schematic and .cmp files are associated first using the BACK button.

Next make a new netlist, then run CvPCB to allocate new components from the .pretty libraries, this will then assign the footprints to the netlist. If component footprint fields are still visible these will be seen to have changed.

Next run Netlist again. That updates the netlist to include any changed data.

Open PCBnew and read the new netist.

If all of the components are correctly assigned that is now fine. Spread the components out and check that they are all correct, especially pin assignments on things like TO-92 or TO-220 bases, then save.

If say you need for example a relay that is not in the library use footprint editor from PCBnew to assign the correct component shape and save the file again.

On the File / Export tab there is a tab “Component (.cmp) file”. Use this to make the new .cmp file.

(If you want a simple csv BOM as well, go to the Fabrication output tab and select “BOM”. This provides a grouped list of same value & type components, with headings for part numbers etc. It is readily imported to excel or open office as a “;” separated file.)

Return to the eschema page, and use the BACK button. Since there is now a .cmp file it will offer the option to keep, hide or show footprint data.

A long way round but it works and is a lot quicker than editing seventy individual parts.

There should now be a fully updated and correct set of files, schematic, BOM, PCB just in need of routing.