Eschema ask for a not (anymore) existing Library file

Hi, I just made my first steps with KiC. (all went fine up to now).
If I draw a new schema, then I get the error message “Library File C:\Users\xxxx\KiCadProjekte\xxxx\mydevice…kicad.mod not found.”

This File created by myself during the learning phase, was deleted and does not anymore exist.
I removed KiCAD and reinstalled it again. But the error message remains.
I can’t find where this file reference is stored.
KiCAD version 5.1.5-3 running on WIN10pro

Thanks for your help. Jakob

You’ll need to remove the reference from your fp-lib-table. If you just reinstall everything, maybe the easiest thing is to delete the user settings folder (%APPDATA/kicad completely), then you will get a clean installation.

Thank you. It helped

And as you just started maybe Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started) is of interest to you.