ErrType(3):Pin connected to some other pins but no pin to drive it

Please refer the image.I was getting error 3,but as of my knowldege i connected everything properly.Please help me out.

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I think,i connected everything properly.It showing error at grounds.Previously it used to show error at at regulator output,then i changed regulator output pin as power output,then error at regulated output was gone,But i was unable to solve (Error 3) at grounds

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I supposed that if there is no power source the error text is different. So to check it I have done a schematic containing two GNDs connected. And got the same error (it is historical moment - I have run ERC for the first time in my life :slight_smile: )
Probably this is the problem of power symbols, but I can’t add them to my schematic to check it - I have no them in my libraries.
See pages 17…18 in:

I think it is that problem, but not sure as, as I have written, I supposed the error text should be different.

You have posted about this problem a couple of times but have not posted about what you have tried to do to resolve the issue. Other users have pointed you to a resource that explains in detail why you are getting this error but it appears that you have either not read or not understood the advice.I

tldr; KiCad needs to know where power comes from. A power flag needs to be added to show this and will make your error disappear. But if you had read the linked document, you would already know that.


Thanks for the replies.

If i added power flag near the ground the error disappears,But i used three grounds (gnda,gndd,gndpwr).so if i place three power flags at each ground then error was gone.Is three power flags recommendable.

Power flag is nothing more then telling KiCad “Don’t worry this net gets power from somewhere. Not your problem.”

  • KiCad don’t sees that these grounds get power from somewhere,
  • you really need to run ERC
    then using three power flags to tell KiCad it is probably good solution.
    My solution is to not use ERC but I have only simple, one sheet schematics where you see everything yourself.
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ERC is a check to see that you haven’t overlooked something - connecting incompatible pins together such as two output pins, for instance. It relies on the symbol having the correct pin types assigned. You don’t have to run ERC it to build a pcb and you can ignore any warnings as they may be wrong. However, if you have run it and it comes up with an warning or error it is a good idea to check your design.

Three power flags is probably the best solution - equally, you could just ignore it.

Your next question will be how am I going to connect my three ground nets together - for which you will need to investigate net ties. Splitting a ground plane is not always easy or the best solution for EMI and you may be better off looking at more layers for your board.

if we connect three power flags.Those three power flags is connected (short) or not

The power flag does not make a connection. If kicad requests 3flags then these 3 nets are not currently connected by other means either.

thakns for all your help

i have another query i have a regulator where it has two output pins,if i connect both pins it showing an error 5

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