ErrType(2) question

…hi guys…before i decided to make this thread, i did check online available answers to my question, and since answers were rather confusing, i have decided to ask here, so i hope, you dont mind me asking…to make everything simple, i have uploaded captured image so you can see yourself…


Basically, it is voltage divider. Error says that wire is not connected to resistor. I checked with grab option to see is everything connected, as recommended online, and to my surprise, wire is connected(moves with grabbed resistor)…second error is related to global labels as they are not connected to any other, so thats clear and i understand…but this unconnected wire (errType(2) is somewhat mystery…so, what could be culprit to this

GND label is connected to other so no error
A0, AI0, etc, are not connected to their corresponding counterparts so i understand this error
RA1, RA3, etc resistors shows that wire is not connected, while grab function indicates, the are connected, as well as missing rectangle at connecting spot, which also indicate its connected…

…what did i do wrong ??

If the global labels are not connected to anything then pin 2 of the resistor is also not connected to anything. Each pin of a component must be connected to another component. Connecting it to a label is not enough if there is no second label (with the same name) that ultimately connects to some other pin.

Simplified: A label is only a name for the net. not a component.

The reason for this is that otherwise erc would be useless to detect missing (gobal/local) labels.

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…that makes sense as global labels i was planing to connect later…thanks man…