Error with weblink attached in the page setting

I’ve added the website link in Page setting and saved schematic as pdf and when I try to click on the link it shows some garbage(part number n net-name values) along with weblink

Where and how did you add the link?

I added a link as a stimple string of text to:
Eeschema / File / Page Settings / Comment1

and it’s treated as just a string of text, as I woud expect.

There are also different ways of generating a pdf from a schematic. Which did you use?

Also, your (Complete!) KiCad version info is missing. This is important info for all suspected bugs.

I also do not know how URL’s are handled or formatted in pdf’s. I guess that KICad does nothing special there, and just treats it as a string of texts, which gets interpreted by your pdf viewer in whatever way it pleases.

I’ve added the link in the Comment 3
KiCAD version 5.1.6.
KiCAD Sch to PDF using KiCAD plot section schematic pdf format.