Error when having multiple footprint pads with same number

I thought it was possible to have multiple pads in a footprint with the same number. I am designing a footprint for an RF connector where I have multiple THT pads which all are connected to GND.
I gave all pads the same number, but when I run the footprint checker I get an error.
“Error items shorting 2 nets”

There were come copper polygons, which I removed (it are now ‘floating’ pads) but the error persists.

Is it not possible what I try to achieve ?
Any other option (it seems a bit silly to define 18 gnd pins in a schematic symbol for a 2 pin connector) ?
SMA_Rosenberg_32K243-40ML5_RBG_TEMP.kicad_mod (9.0 KB)

It’s allowed to give pads the same number. You have some other error.

Using multiple pads with the same number is very common in KiCad. There are plenty of people on this forum willing to have a look at your footprint. You can make it easy for them if you use it in a simple KiCad project, then zip up the project and post it here. Posting a screenshot may also help, but it has a lot less information and is harder to diagnose.

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I added the footprint file to my original post. But I already found what was causing it.

It was an edited 3rd party footprint. There were 2 polygons drawn and it seems they added (invisible) SMD pads under the polygons to be able to attach it to a net. I deleted the polygons. By looking into the mod file I noticed 3 SMD pads with size 0.127 x 0.127.