Error when compiling Kicad with Visual Studio 2017


I tried to compile Kicad with Visual Studio 2017.
I compiled almost everything except this source code:

it seems that this file can be compiled only with GCC.
For me it would not a big problem to port it to Microsoft ASM, but since on top of the file you can read:

auto-generated file, do not modify!

I was wondering if somebody could give me some advices before starting, because I’m thinking that writing a new version of that code is not probably the best way, if it is auto-generated.
I think that libcontext.h will also need few additions, but in my opinion it won’t be difficult.



Only GCC is officially supported for KiCad. See


Thank you.
I understand, however, is it possible to have some information about this auto-generated file?




It’s boost::context library, stripped down to a single file with a stable API. You can find the original assembly files in the sources of boost library. Note that libcontext should compile fine under 32-bit MSVC. 64-bit MSVC won’t work without manually building the assembler sources because it doesn’t have inline assembler anymore…