Error tranfer schematic field to pcbnew

I have problem with import field to Eeschame to pcbnew.

I have a component with 4 additional fields with a manufacture component.

When i generate a netlist, the .net file contantins a fields but pbcnew not load them.

In pcb_new havent a field reference.

I need this fields for create a position file. Is necessary because I put a distincts pcb in a panel.


sorry my english is very bad.

What fields do you have problems with?
Can you post the snippet out of the symbol library or schematic file for that part with those fields?

Footprints/kicad_pcb files only contain static text, VAL/REF and copies of that, no other text fields are being transferred yet (afaik).

This needs more explanation and definitely a screenshot of one of those parts symbol description in the schematic file.

Btw, the reference should change automatically when you create an array in pcbnew…?
Unless you did it via copy, then you’re probably out of luck.
Creating panels with KiCAD is not easy and not a straightforward task that is implemented afaik.
Before this becomes a feature the refactoring of EEschema needs to finish, which is a year away…

There are some scripts for PCBnew floating around that will help with the task, but no idea about features or reliability.

This is what I’m talking about, double references due to manual copying of the layout in a ‘panel’: