Error opening eeschema/PCBEditor after initial build install

I’ve done a basic build from nightly source on my ubuntu machine following more or less this tutorial installed it in ‘/usr/share/my-kicad-nightly’
and after running ./kicad It does manage to open the main kicad page correctry but trying to enter an existing schematic with eeschema yields the following:

12:18:59: Failed to load shared library '/usr/share/my-kicad-nightly/build/release/kicad/_eeschema.kiface': /usr/share/my-kicad-nightly/build/release/kicad/_eeschema.kiface: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
12:18:59: Failed to load kiface library '/usr/share/my-kicad-nightly/build/release/kicad/_eeschema.kiface'.
12:18:59: Error loading editor.
12:18:59: Application cannot start.

and I thechnically used these commands to build (if that sudo has a weight ):

cd my-kicad-nightly
sudo mkdir -p build/release
sudo mkdir -p build/debug               # Optional for debug build.
cd build/release
sudo cmake -G Ninja -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo ../../
sudo ninja
sudo ninja install

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

Actually I did manage to open eeschema independently from the path:
which kiface file is also located at
but I’m unable to open eeschema from projects_app main page any idea how to fix it and launch kicad configured more correctly and monolithically like the prebuilt versions? (quite weak with make cmake and linux administry access/whatevery

You should use sudo only for “install” command. I don’t know if using it for all commands can cause troubles, but it’s not needed and using sudo without real need is basically wrong. Using it for install is needed because files are copied (by default) to /usr/local/ which needs admin privileges.

Did you run sudo ldconfig? It may be needed for the first time.

Yeah I did, I might just need to tell kicad somehow wether it’s through editing the “./CMakeLists.txt” file or through bash or throught changing the reference points throught wich I build the FreeCAD I need to tell somehow when openning eeschema where “__eeschema.kiface” is or i’m getting it wrong…

Anyhow yeah with sudo ldconfig it yields the same error results

I’d like to help because I want to keep the instructions up to date, but my HW was broken and I don’t have Linux ATM. I should install a virtual machine to test this but don’t have much time.

I would still continue the ldconfig line of investigation. In the general instructions page there’s more information about using ldconfig. It’s possible for example that it has been changed in the latest Ubuntu, or you have some nondefault configuration. You should check that the path where KiCad’s binary libraries are installed is actually in the library loading path.

Did you run /usr/local/bin/kicad (the default installation path)?

And make sure /usr/local/lib is in your library path.