Error opening EESCHEMA in Windows 7 32 bit

I have downloaded kicad and runs it. When I create EESCHEMA, it created correctly. but if I double click the schema icon under the “pro” menu, it says error as “<eechema.exe> not found”. Same thing is happening when tries to open already saved files (older versions).

my OS: Windows 7 32-bit
Kicad Version & Error : please see the attachment.

thank you

The version looks like million years old, can you update to 5.0.1?


Version 3 is totally unsupported now and may well no longer work due to Windows changes.

Please follow @eelik advice and install 5.0.1 win32 vesrion

I have uninstalled and reinstalled using “Run as Administrator”. It works fine now.

I will install 5.0.1 and try as you recommended.

Thank you both.

You need to have administrator rights to install KiCad, just like any other application.
You should not need to “Run as administrator” to use it

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