Error: "Missing Connection between items"

Moving from V5 to V6. In attempting to modify and existing PCB created in V5 that passed DRC with no errors, now gets an DRC error in V6. So I created a simple 2 component PCB to try to determiner the cause of the DRC error:“Missing Connection between items”.


This test PCB works with no error in V5. I’m obviously missing something new in V6.


Are you sure the line is a track on a copper layer? It seems to be a graphic line on a non-copper layer, which would explain the DRC error.


Thanks. It’s a trace on the top copper layer. Dan

It looks like a graphic line, not a trace. Trace doesn’t have those white boxes in the end points when it’s selected. A graphic line does.

1000% graphic. It might be on F.Cu, but that does not make it a trace.

To echo the other comments, that’s definitely a graphic line and not a trace. Make sure you’re routing with the router, not using the graphic line tool.


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OK, then why does it work in V5? Here’s the properties table. It sure look like a trace on front copper.


You are RIGHT!!! thanks. I guess I was use to the icons from V5 and used the “straight line”. Thanks for your help and I a[apologize for the confusion.


Visually you cannot distinguish a line on F.Cu from a trace. It would even plot ok in the gerbers.
DRC is a different story. I never was in V5, so I cannot fancy why there would have been no DRC errors. Perhaps one of the other guys can.

Well, the simple explanation is that it was changed after v4. Copper which connects nets but doesn’t itself belong to nets is needed only in net ties, otherwise it’s almost certainly an error. The hack to allow net ties in v5 was to add words “net tie” to the footprint keywords. Other copper connecting nets is a DRC violation. And yes, really KiCad v5.1 doesn’t allow other than “net tie” copper graphics connecting tracks/pads!

The screenshot it from 5.1:

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