Error messages: Footprint courtyard incorrect etc

Hi everyone,
I am just starting with KiCad.
I have created a 24-pin SOIC Footprint using “Library Experts Pro” and imported it in KiCad and am using it in a schematic. The file attached below shows the created FP image.

In Pcbnew, after component placement (no routing done yet) I ran DRC just to check if there are any problems with FPs and to found the following problems reported by the DRC (pls refer to the file below).

My questions:

  1. What does the error message “unable to find segment with an endpoint …” mean?
  2. The FP was created using “Library Expert Pro” and it didn’t report any problem with the courtyard. What does KiCad Pcbnew DRC error message “incorrect courtyard (not closed shape)” mean?
  3. Could it be something related to the “Cross-Hair” in the middle of the FP (Pls ref. to the FP image) or has it got something to do with the “dot” marking pin1 of the FP?

Ans suggestion advice would be most welcome.
If the schematics or Pcbnew files are required for problem analysis, please let me know.
The kiCad version info is as follows:

Thanks and best regards

The courtyard layer is used to check interferences since version 5 of kicad. This means this layer now must be made a bit more carefully than before. Now it must contain a closed polyline (every segment “end point” must align with the next segments “start point”)

If that crosshair is on the courtyard layer then yes this is an invalid feature for kicad. (this crosshair would be best placed on the dwgs.user or on one of the eco layers)

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The courtyard would normally be a simple rectangle on a part like this.
The coordinates of the errors look odd, 84mm and 83.91 mm, a gap of 0.09mm

Drawing your own footprints courtyard and silkscreen layers is easiest if you choose a coarse grid of about 0.5mm or more

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In kicad 5.1.x the magnetic endpoints feature makes it possible to work with smaller grids and still get a closed outline easily.

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True, but for non critical graphics why use a fine grid?

Courtyard is part of the DRC so you want it to be accurate enough to be of use. (Otherwise why bother adding it at all?)


Let me give you a brief feedback. As per your suggestion, I placed both (vertical and horizontal) cross-hair on the “Dwgs.User” layer in KiCad Footprint editor. Updated the Pcbnew with modified FP from the FP-lib and ran DRC again.

The cross-hair is of course still visible in Pcbnew but no courtyard errors are reported anymore.
The problem seems to be solved.

Thanks again for your kind help.
Best regards

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