Error Message when starting cvPCB

Hi there,

as newcomer I made it through to the first board, but I get this error message.

IO_ERROR: J:…\myfootprint.pretty does not exist.

What do I need to do?

KiCAD version?

I’m not familiar with latest fp lib table settings, but you might need to pull that entry from it, sounds like some dev test thing to me.

search for a file called fp-lib-table, it’s co located with all other kicad settings files like pcbnew or kicad.
Win7 this folder is here:


Hi John,

I found in a template folder those files:
the fp-lib-table has entries like this:
(lib (name Air_Coils_SML_NEOSID)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Air_Coils_SML_NEOSID.pretty)(options “”)(descr HAMxx31A_HDMxx31A))
The fp-lib-table.for-pretty shows entries like this:(fp_lib_table
(lib (name Air_Coils_SML_NEOSID)(type KiCad)(uri ${KISYSMOD}/Air_Coils_SML_NEOSID.pretty)(options “”)(descr HAMxx31A_HDMxx31A))

What should I do, or where can I change some settings.
thanks in advance for your help

one entry must contain that myfootprint.pretty part… that’s the one that’s not available, so cvpcb won’t proceed any further… make a copy of the original fp-lib-table and then delete that entry in the one you’re using.

I’m not sure the template folder is the correct location for that fp-lib-table file that cvpcb is using… are there also other files than the ones with ‘fp-lib-table’ in the name?