Error Loading Symbol Library


When I download and add the symbol library for a type of fpga it shows an error like “invalid text type, expected ‘Normal’ or ‘Italic’ in input/source” "C:\User… "
I couldn’t understand what is the reason of this problem? And how can I fix it?!


Cropped version of linked screenshot:

That symbol is not from KiCad’s default libraries.
Where did you get it?
Also: Are you sure that it is a KiCad library at all?
And if you open that file, what is on line 49?
And how does that compare to similar lines in other KiCad libraries?

Your desktop does show a Qt icon, can I assume you have some experience with programming and analyzing such things?

I bet it’s some other EDA software’s lib, maybe Eagle, which also uses .lib extensions. Or was it .lbr? Can’t even remember what I had for dinner. :rofl:

Hi paulvdh and retiredfeline
And also thank you for your replies. Actually ı downloaded this library from octopart as kicad library. Then I try to add this library to project specific library that error occured. You’re right it might be belong to another EDA software. Ok, is there any solution to fix this situation? What do you suggest to me?

Learn to make your own schematic symbols & footprints.

Your part is some (small?) fpga from Microsemi. Generic schematic symbols for those are usually not very useful anyway. You want to modify the pin names to reflect some function that you give to the part.

In KiCad it is trivially simple to make your own parts. There is some initial learning curve but that is mostly in the creation and management of libraries themself and there is lots of documentation about that:

In KiCad, schematic symbols and footprints are in different libraries. If the footprint of your IC is something regular, then there is a good chance it’s already in one of the libraries, and if not, there are some wizards to quickly make footprints with pins in regular patterns.

I usually do not even bother to search online for schematic symbols or footprints for KiCad. After you’ve done a few, making a new one is pretty quick, an you know it will have a positive result, which is not so sure if you go search the rest of the world. Even if you find a part elsewhere, you still have to check it carefully.