Error loading footprints, also how to work with github footprints in kicad 5?

The problem that I’m having is that I can’t seem to load footprints from the footprint library. KiCad is looking in the right place it seems, and I started KiCad as administrator so to me it’s a mystery how the files can’t be found. Any thoughts?

Also, is it possible to circumvent this problem by only using libraries on Github? I’m a KiCad beginner so if this is possible, I’d be very thankful if someone has a link to a tutorial on how to do this because I haven’t been able to figure this out myself or find a resource explaining how to do it.

I’m using a nightly of 5rc2 of less than a week ago but it had a bug so I downloaded 4.0.7 and installed that in a different folder. This may be related to the problem but I don’t know how…

Screenshot of what’s happening:

Take a close look at the names of the libs. The one in the file browser is plural whereas the one in the error message is singular.

The libs have been massively reorganized for kicad 5. Not a single lib has been left as it was. For information on how to install libs see this FAQ entry: How can i install a specific version of the footprint library?

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