Error in D-Sub footprints (holes positions)

Hello everybody,
It seems that the 2 holes in many common DB connectors right-angled (DB9MC/DB9FC/DB15MC/DB15FC/DB25MC/DB25FC in “Connect” library) are misplaced: too high, they should be centered with 2 ranges of pins.
Else, there seems to have 2 standards: USA and Euro. Here it seems USA, and should be renamed with it perhaps to avoid mistakes…
What is the more common format used (in Europe… Euro ?!) ?
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EU is usually used as abbreviation for European Union.

Also are you talking mounting holes or PTH for the electrical pins?
As I’ve seen that different manufacturers do it differently…

The end which mates with a matching DB connector is standardized, but the end which mounts to a board is not. That’s manufacturer-dependent.


I was talking about the 2 mounting holes ‘X’ left and right to the pins:

… o o o o o
X - - - - - - - - - X
… o o o o
(not easy with a not fixed width font…)

On all the many models I’ve seen (RS components distributor), they are always placed in the middle like that vertically, and not aligned with the 5 tops pins…

Else about the many models, the footprint seems always to be like that, it is principally the distance between the mounting holes and the right-angle border of the connector changing: 9,5 mm for USA standard, and 11,8 mm for EU…
A picture included directly here would be nice ! :wink:

Seen available standard : IEC 807-3 / DIN 41652 ?

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Can you have a look at this if your time permits? Might be your field of expertise.

You should be able to add pictures/files to your posts.

Also, there is a buglist/contact for the library side of KiCAD in case you want to submit something. But I don’t know the process (might actually involve just github and pull requests)…

I think @mavati should create an issue report for this via GitHub: (and prepare a fix pull request if he can).

I’m also think that mounting holes are miss-aligned in these footprints (except DB37FC which look good). I looked through some datastheets, and the mounting tips are always in the middle, regardless of the length of connector, which is different depending on the manufacturer and standard. For example: NINGI (and many other Asian manufacturers) uses three lengths: 7.2mm, 9.4mm, 13.84mm, AMPHENOL uses 8,08mm (called MIL footprint), 10,29mm (called European footprint).

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It is done (for the issue report) ! (and with a picture…)